Acts of Kindness

I don’t know about you but one small thought or gesture can certainly make someone else’s day and I experienced this first hand from a kind hearted soul at Bunnings!

So what does acts of kindness mean?

‘Seek out an opportunity to help every day. Hold open a door, offer assistance, or take any random acts of kindness. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on all of our lives.’

It’s amazing how often we go about our daily lives and whatever is happening great or not so great most of the times we can handle it right.  I read this quote the other day by Ralph Waldo Emerson which hit the spot…

‘Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine’

I have a passion for gardening and weeding OMG did I say that! I so love to get out in any weather and get my hands deep amongst the soil as it totally grounds me in the moment. Being outside in nature awakens all my senses and I love the feeling of the fresh air, garden smells and creating something.

Eeeeek! Running out of compost for a garden job I was doing I raced to Bunnings to stock up again. 10 bags later I was at the door loading them from the pellet onto my trolley then making the trip to my car. The check out guy had even asked me if I needed any help but hey I am OK with this, I go to the gym, I am a STRONG WOMAN and I don’t need help. I’ve got this!

Then along came an elderly man who said ‘I can help you do that’

I’m OK I say again and I am OK but he didn’t say no and walk away he walked straight over and started loading up the bags into my car for me whatever I was saying. WOW! How cool was that! I was OK to do it but you know it was awesome accepting his help.

After we had finished I said to him a huge THANK YOU and that I was truly grateful for his help even if I had said I was OK. Then I put the trolley away and walked back to my car and a massive warm glow ran through my whole body from my head to my toes and I smiled a big beaming sunny smile of happiness. GOSH it was amazing how that random act of kindness from this lovely man had made such a positive impact on me and given me so much happiness. Crazy but true!

I realized then and there that often we feel we don’t want to ask for any help at all as we think people will think we are weak or not capable of doing something. The help I finally accepted well he was doing it anyways! Getting some bags of compost loaded into my car which is a small thing but hey it did so much for my mood.

I know a lot of people I talk to a desperately wanting help but each time they say I’m OK I can handle it as they feel they don’t want to let others into their lives and the drama and the complications of it all. They want them to think they are like the duck swimming across the lake – looking beautiful, calm and in control on the top but underneath where no one sees they are a turmoil of frantic splashes trying to stay afloat.

The message here is it’s OK to reach out and ask for help or if someone comes by and offers take it and feel good about your decision.

We are all OK and we are all equals regardless of status and difference.

We all have the capacity to think and make choices and we are all responsible for ourselves.

We can all decide to change and we have the autonomy whatever the situation. We are not compelled to live our lives based on a unsatisfactory childhood.

Whatever story we have created which I believe is based around our beliefs about who we are as we grow up, what the world is like, how we relate to the world, how the world relates to us and how others treat us. After all any act of kindness is LOVE in action and by helping others we help ourselves.

ACTION for acts of kindness you can make part of your day right now….

COMPLIMENTS: Find any opportunity to give compliments, it costs nothing and takes no time and it could make someone’s day be magical!

HELP: If you see someone struggling as you go about your day reach out and lend a helping hand. A kind touch of help can turn someone’s life around and it will be remembered forever

HELLO: Saying Hi, Hello, Bula, Bon jour, Hola, Ciao to someone you don’t even know can change their world and I do this everytime I am out and about. So don’t think it – JUST DO IT!

BOOKS: I love this one and I do it often as I am still a paper kinda girl. When you have finished reading awesome, inspiring, uplifting books pass it onto someone else to read. I know books are expensive and to someone who loves reading and who may not be able to afford to buy a book this will be like Christmas to them!

FRIENDS: If you meet a new friend who has arrived from another country and this happens a lot to me. What I love to do is give them a local recipe book and the one I gave one of my friends was the EDMONDS COOKBOOK from New Zealand as it is a basic cookbook of all things kiwi! She loved it and even took it with her to Melbourne when she moved 4 years ago!

X Dee Happiness PA 🙂

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