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Welcome to Happiness PA! Your go to heart centered travel blog with a real person creating awareness so you can flourish, grow and rebuild happiness one step at a time… Begin to ‘Empower your inner happiness this moment’

Hi I am Dee your Happiness PA and I have always had a burning desire to help inspire others leaving them feeling happier for connecting with me. I grew up with Mr Positive Pants himself – my Dad who installed an ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude into me with positive affirmations and words of wisdom which helped me be open to all the awesome things life was offering me every single day growing up. Being curious I constantly work daily on my personal growth and self-healing journey following my intuition to be the best me I can be.

After a near death experience as a teenager I embarked on my first overseas travel adventure and every day now I feel so blessed to be alive. It gave me a whole new perspective on life, I meet so many awesome people and learnt so much about life. I made the decision to choose happiness as my natural default, my North Star. Of course there have been struggles but when you can empower your inner happiness and live each day accepting where you are in that moment you have the secret to true happiness.

This blog is my way of giving back to the world as I continue my journey of mind, body and soul through travel sharing relevant positive life tools, conversations and new ways of rebuilding happiness. Inspiring your soul and invigorating your spirit so you can begin your own travel journey to empower your inner happiness and truly live your life each precious day authentically being the person you were born to be. How cool is that!


dee happiness pa all about rebuilding happiness

X Happiness PA

2 thoughts on “About Dee Happiness PA

  1. Rick McIvor says:

    Wow thanks that’s so cool

    1. Dee Jordan says:

      AWESOME Rick thanks for taking the time to comment truly grateful:)

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