Can colouring in reduce stress?

As a generally positive and optimistic person there have been times in my life where I have really struggled and felt totally lost and confused and I know I am not alone. If we didn’t have struggles in our lives like work challenges, grief, dealing with addictions, difficult relationships or even divorce we wouldn’t be human.

Life can be going along smoothly when WHAM a challenge can hit us out of the blue. Some struggles can leave us paralysed and stuck in old behaviours and patterns of thought. Unable to even make the most simple decisions we feel exhausted, withdrawn and find it hard to keep a positive outlook on our life let alone any sense of balance and calm.

Recent studies show that we are constantly looking at screens and at times we are really craving a simpler life. Colouring in can provide the distraction you are seeking from stress and take us back into the light and fun of childhood. Research shows that it can alter our brain waves by switching them from a beta state to a more relaxing alpha state. In an alpha state our brains become slow down and stress and anxiety is greatly reduced. Creating a state of mindfulness.

Here’s where the beautiful art of awareness steps into our lives in the way of colouring in creating the space for us to have some fun downtime and mental therapy and I love it! I have always loved pen, paper and colours so to me going back to this way of de-stressing always takes me from surviving to thriving. Allowing creativity, mindfulness and peace to rein supreme for the time focusing on colouring between the lines is soothing. Mandalas are a big favourite of mine as they have been around for centuries to seek peace, inspiration and a sense of interconnection. There are so many stunning and intricately designed mandalas for everyone. I know you will love them too.

I find with a lot of people I speak too it is an enormous comfort to their mental health by picking up coloured crayons or pencils and becoming in the zone of creativity. A quiet space where you can let go of resentment and senses of dread. A space where you can switch off and become fully in the moment creating the balance you need in your busy daily life.


So when you feel stressed, anxious or even if you are suffering from headaches you can create true calm again by:

Reaching out for your colouring pencils and immerse yourself into a world of tranquility.

Down tools of all technology and find illustrations that connect with you and that light you up. That cultivate more awareness as you be at once relaxed and yet entirely present as you create a beautiful work of art.

Breathe and feel your heart rate lower and the pace of your day slow down and become more meaningful.

You can’t always control what happens in your life but becoming more self-aware you start to empower yourself to decide how you react to new struggles and situations when they appear. This is the ultimate true freedom in life, an escapism taking us back to a slower pace of life and one that everybody appreciates and more and more of us are craving.

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