Can travel make me happy

Can TRAVEL make you a happier person? Gosh this is a big question and one a lot of people often ask me when they share with me they have been dreaming of a holiday.

You know there is never a perfect time to travel, a right moment to take off on a short trip or head off on a huge journey to far away exotic destinations.

As Janis Joplin said in her song Me and Bobby McGee

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”

So why is it sometimes that we continue to beaver away and say one day when everything is right and I have enough money I am going to go travel the world. What is stopping you scheduling some travel time into your life right now? If you are like me travel conjures up the sense of freedom and adventure and days filled with endless opportunities to discover new things, to learn and to make new connections with different people from all walks of life. How exciting does that make you feel! And it can even be a short trip over a weekend somewhere in your own country.

Life is all about being open to new possibilities and experiences and every day learning new things as this is really what keeps you truly alive and makes you feel excited about living. If you slot in some travel time it creates something to look forward to so while you are beavering away at your job you know it is worth it as you count down the days to your holiday. Sometimes we get stuck into ruts and ways of doing things in our lives and for some people talking about doing something different is easy but taking the action necessary to make it happen suddenly creates fear. And remember what fear means?


Taking a risk and stepping outside our comfort zones always brings along fear for the ride and for some reason we start sabotaging our ideas with negative thoughts and saying to ourselves things like

‘maybe if I wait a while and I can get ahead and have some more money then it will be a much better time for me to go away on a trip’

Sometimes you have to seize the moment and grab the opportunity and leap all over it. I know myself when you do decide on something and take the action things manifest right before your eyes! If you stay where you are and keep dreaming about it but do nothing towards making it happen then you probably will find you will still be doing the same thing in another year, another year and another year after that which all leads to you becoming pretty dull and boring and always wondering what your life is all about and constantly searching for happiness.

People always ask me how travel has changed me and when I look back to who I was before I travelled and who I am now I know travel has helped me stay being a happier and brighter person who loves life every day and even now when I think of travelling it sparks my energy levels through the roof and gets me super excited about life. Secretly I have always known that travel is in my blood!

I personally know from experience that if you are looking for change in your life and need something to get excited about then travel is high up on the list for most people. It changes everybody into someone who lives their daily life with a lot more happiness. They become more awesome in so many ways and they are definitely someone others want to be around.

So if you are feeling lost right now take the bull by the horns and go travel!

Travel is healing for the soul for time out, personal growth, new connections and possibilities. A mini transformation within, a time to rediscover yourself and be inspired and motivated and connect again with self. Especially if you have reached a cross road? Travel is the answer to reignite your purpose and find your why. Travel brings a new fresh understanding and compassion for what you already have. It’s time to take action and start collecting moments, memories and connections with new people and places and all of these things are way more important than things and stuff right.

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