Instant happiness tools for anxiety and depression

Today it seems that so many people are suffering from anxiety and depression. What’s this about and why is it affecting so many people especially women. I have had my fair share of ups and downs in my life and so far I have managed to pull myself back out of the darkness and into the lightness again, sometimes I have needed coaching or a friend’s ear as I have tumbled out my woes. But what I have found is that right now I know so many woman who were all once such happy go lucky people are now finding it so hard and struggling to lift themselves up again without the aid of drugs or medication.

What’s the answer?

Research has shown that almost 1 in 3 women are popping pills to help them cope with their mental health issues, anxietydepression and the daily stresses of life. It seems that it is not the circumstances that cause the stress but it is the way woman are dealing with it.

Often overthinking how busy we are in our day is the culprit as we juggle all of our hats As a human I believe we are all designed and built to thrive on work and cope with all of life’s challenges and we do have the DNA and resilience to survive especially when the going gets tough. What I see around me right now is a lacking of the basic life skills around our health and well being to deal with the ups and downs that come our way.

Our brains are amazing and if we have the necessary skills we won’t need to see a Doctor and ask for a quick fix of pills and potions to numb our minds and temporarily relieve the stress when something happens to us. Sure medication has it’s place in times of major events in our lives.

Not looking after your well being, your body and especially your brain can lead to serious health conditions which in turn will roll onto all areas of our lives, our relationships and family life and cause them all to break down one by one. We then loose our happiness and really our identities of who we really are and our values that we live by so check out my happiness tools now to help get you back on track and stay on track.

ACTION for some instant happiness tools to help you right now:

PLAY DATE: Create a Play Date to step out of your comfort zone and your routine, something totally spur of the moment. For me I totally love the unexpected, surprises and opportunities to go do new things it fits in with my curious nature. But if you are a person who loves to plan and know exactly what you are doing each and every day then this type of invitation may not sit well with you at all. It may throw you into a panic, a OMG moment of how can I dump everything and go out, what about my family, what about this and what about that but breathe deeply and let it all go and do it anyway. You will feel amazing, trust me!

MOVE: Get out into Mother Nature and move your body or do something inside like dancing in the kitchen to your favourite beats while making dinner. Whatever you choose any kind of physical activity stimulates positive emotions and feelings. A instant mood booster available to all of us.

CONNECT: With new people daily is a strong human need which is vital to your mental well being. So work on your relationships and get out and meet new people.

LEARN: Keep being curious and learning new things daily that interest you and grow your mind, keeping it active giving you pleasure and a purpose to your life.

GRATITUDE: The ultimate key to happiness by being mindful and noticing what is around you daily, being present and in the moment and appreciating the little things in your day. Counting your blessings of what you already have and what you have already achieved in your life.

GIVING BACK: Showing kindness to others. Giving your time and support is proven to be linked with positive feelings and well being.

X Dee Happiness PA 🙂 

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