What is happiness to you?

Something I think about often is what makes happy people happy and I know a lot of people think about this too, do you?

I know when I am happy I feel a lot more confident and life flows in harmony when I live authentically, I feel healthier and kindness and love come from deep within. Happiness doesn’t fall out of the sky and land on you making you happy. I know for me when I remember back to my childhood everything had that bubbly pure joy about it and whisked me away in the magic of the moment living spontaneously as me, the real me I was born to be. I loved always seeing the silver lining in others and delighting in discovering life’s hidden surprises and enlightening treasures, never questioning my actions, being inquisitive, taking risks and embracing new opportunities every day offered me.

Funny though over time life seems to try and knock you down off your happiness perch. Little stuff happens along the way and for me one of the big things that affected my happiness was my parents splitting up when I was a teenager. Watching what they went through caused me a lot of pain, suffering and unhappiness as my world was not that perfect little bubble of joy surrounding me where no one could hurt me anymore. I found my light dimmed and I felt that I  didn’t deserve to have good things anymore. I thought I needed to look for happiness somewhere else to get back to that bubbly joy of my childhood. But whatever I searched for never seemed to fill the gaping hole in my heart. Day by day I started to chase the happiness I had lost searching through new relationships, working hard, achieving goals and buying material things. Nothing gave me that happiness I was looking for until one day still a teenager I had a near death experience and my whole world changed again leaving me with a renewed perspective on life and happiness.

I started to devour self-help books reading everything I could to gain more knowledge. As I was reading all these books I wrote and wrote in notebook after notebook about how everything that had happened with my parents and my accident was making me feel. I wrote about my feelings all of them especially the deep, dark hidden feelings and let the words spill out onto the pages with all my crossed out mistakes, after thoughts and doodles decorating page after page.

Then it happened – a MASSIVE insight into life right at that heartbeat moment and my happiness.

The art of writing with a pen on paper was helping me get back to my heart and at that moment the healing begun. Instantly my bubbly joy for life and living started to flow back into me and I understood that when I was a child I was happy as I was living in the magic of the moment and I made happiness a daily habit. To get back there I used the power of writing to heal and also I began to be aware when I felt unhappy and I could trigger myself back to a happy place which is when I am being my true self. WOW what a realization!

Writing is an exercise in mindfulness as the very act of writing by hand slows us down and makes multi-tasking almost impossible to do as when we write we are forced to be in the moment as we express our feelings with words. By letting go of some old beliefs that I had built up and which had started to take over my true nature then happiness would start to flow again no matter what had happened to me in the past or even now when stuff happens. Happiness is a choice and a mindset to flourish and grow, so I decided to choose happiness as my default always. Now the daily practice of writing down what I am grateful for in my life and writing down how I am feeling is a big thing that keeps me on track and I know it will help you too.

Are you ready to make happiness a habit?

Here are some helpful action steps you can take towards rebuilding your happiness energy today:

Expressions of gratitude are a simple way to begin to flourish and grow and enjoy more daily health and happiness. Each day start with writing 3 things you are grateful for.

When you are feeling really unhappy grab yourself a notebook and start writing from the heart, ask yourself how am I feeling right now and let all your feelings tumble out using the magic of pen and paper which creates the safe space for you to begin your healing journey one step at a time.

So when you think about how happy people are happy, truly happy people don’t try to get happy. They just are happy, because they recognize the magic of happiness is in the moment, right here, right now and that life is precious and they are precious. They make the choice and decide to be happy and do the action it takes each day and accept where they are at in life.

You too can begin to make happiness a habit and your natural default by working on your happiness muscle everyday with the action of writing:)

dee happiness pa

X Happiness PA 🙂

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