What is mindfulness?

If you find you are whizzing through life and at times your bucket is over flowing with way too many things to do and you feel you are spiraling out of control. Learning the art of mindfulness will be the perfect trigger you need to slow down, reflect and get some calmness back into your day.

To me the wonder of a new day always brings with it so much freshness and rainbows of sunshine and happiness. A silver lining filled with possibilities and opportunities to grow and learn and connect with new people. EXCITING!

Today I was fast walking on the treadmill at my favourite Anytime Fitness Gym, and I suddenly got it, BOOM! People always ask me hey all this being in the moment and mindful stuff sounds easy but how do I really do it? How do I get into it?

If you are new to mindfulness and struggling to bring your mind into the present moment as there is always so much chatter and doing happening, then a simple exercise I have found works like a treat is to get out and get walking. At your gym or better still out and about in the fresh air of beautiful Mother Nature. I do both as I have a little fur buddy who wakes up every morning at sparrows fart chasing me until we hit the beach for a walk. Then I hit the gym later YAY!

So the secret is getting in the zone with all your five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The treadmill is a different experience I have found as you are focused in the one spot so being present is easy to do as long as you have awareness first. The sound of your breathing and your feet pounding as you walk, the taste in your mouth as it may get dry as you work out, the smell of sweat as you push yourself harder, the touch of the equipment keeping you grounded and bringing you right into the moment with every single step you take.  You will find that everytime you practice this the quicker you get into the swing of mindfulness.

I feel when I get in the zone I become like Moni the PT who is nicknamed the smiling assassin pushing myself harder and harder, no pain no gain ARGHH! Working out puts you totally in the present moment being mindful and I know for me it brings gratitude into my mind.  I feel super grateful for where I am in life in that moment and acknowledge myself for my achievements so far. For what I am doing right now not what I am going to do tomorrow or the next day, right here in the precious moment of the NOW.


Pause right now…

Close your eyes and breathe deeply,

Using all of your five senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste think of at least 3 things that you are grateful for this moment in your life.

No matter how hard life may be for you the simpleness of practicing gratitude and mindfulness can bring you back into a happier way of being in a heartbeat.

The wonder of breathing is such a perfect thing to be grateful for especially if you are struggling to think of anything at all. Your list will grow the more you do it.

What are you waiting for? Get your Nike on and get out walking and start with the awareness of creating mindfulness into your daily life. Not only will it calm your mind, it is the best tonic for anxiety, depression and stress and opens the doors for joy and happiness to flow towards you. MAGICAL!

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X Happiness PA 🙂 


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